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Hey guys! I'm Gavin Magnus Ex boyfriend of Piper Rockelle , and welcome to my fun and crazy life! I create rap music videos, vlogs, and I have another channel called GoatFamLA. I'm usually always hanging out my friends or making new music for you guys! I want to thank my #goatfam for always being loyal and watching my videos! If youโ€™re new to my channel, make sure you SUBSCRIBE and hit that ๐Ÿ›Ž to see my newest videos and to be a part of the Goat Fam!

"Hearts On A Pendant" w/ 7 million views
"No Pressure" w/ 1.6 million views
"Whole 'Nother Level" w/ 4 million views
"Fake Love" w/ 1.3 million views
"Take From Me" w/ 1 million views

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Instagram - @gavinmagnus


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